HHF at The ASPEN Institute’s 2016 Summit

Alberto Avalos

Innovation and Technology Program Manager

Today leaders across the nation, including the Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s, President and CEO, Antonio Tijerino as well as our Technology and Innovation Manager, Alberto Avalos have joined together at The ASPEN Institute’s, second annual summit, 2016 America’s Future Summit: Reimagining Opportunity in a Changing Nation in Los Angeles.

Our President along with other leaders, will tackle on tough issues like inclusion and access to economic, political and cultural spheres through robust conversations that connect Latino and non-Latino leaders alike by focusing on asking the right questions like  “What is opportunity?” , “How do you unlock potential?”,  and ” What does it mean to exercise power?”

The summit’s cross cultural, interdisciplinary approach will inspire ideas for a more equitable future while connecting leaders of all industries from the grass roots to the grass tops.
What conversations do you want to see us tackle on?

Watch live video stream, here: http://bit.ly/2aHyIs8