HHF & Michigan State Uni, Latino Legacy Weekend!

Alberto Avalos

Innovation and Technology Program Manager

Weekend will include a Computer Coding Jam co-hosted by Lansing Community College

LANSING, MI –Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and Michigan State University hosted the Fourth Annual Latino Legacy Weekend (LLW) from May 23-25, Memorial Day Weekend. The goal of the weekend was to promote innovative thinking to move America forward by building bridges across professions, ideologies, generations, national ancestries, regions, and religions of the American Latino community through idea interchange and relationship development. LLW brought together innovative Latino leaders from various sectors, including, but not limited to, business, art, environment, energy, finance, education, religion, law, non-profit, medicine, government, media, science, sports, and technology.

HHF and MSU, through LLW’s mission, also introduced and engaged minority youth to computer coding, innovative thinking, and careers in technology with hip-hop, salsa and jazz as a soundtrack through the LOFT Computer Coding Jam Session on May 23 at 9 a.m. at Lansing Community College.

The LLW at Michigan State and the Coding Jam were the first action resulting from a new partnership between HHF and MSU stewarded by Professor Joseph Guzman. ‘We hope that this is but the first of many exciting programs supporting the development of Latino leadership and innovation in Michigan and beyond,” said Guzman, PhD Assistant Professor with the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations.

“During LLW, innovative Latino leaders answer the question of what legacy we are leaving in this country. In that spirit, we are doing our part to prepare the workforce by introducing local students to computer programming through a LOFT Coding Jam Session. Thank you MSU and Lansing Community College for being our partners,” said Emanuel Pleitez, LLW Founder and HHF Chairman.

About HHF and LOFT

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit originally established by the White House in 1987, inspires, prepares, positions and connects minority leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities.  HHF also promotes cultural pride, accomplishment, and the great promise of the community through public awareness campaigns seen by millions.  HHF is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami (Visit www.HispanicHeritage.org.)  Follow Hispanic Heritage Foundation on Facebook and HHFoundation on Twitter.

HHF’s award-winning leadership and workforce development programs which include the Youth Awards, Latinos On Fast Track (LOFT), LOFT Institute, Inspira Initiatives and Campaigns, and Hispanic Heritage Awards are divided into 10 “Tracks,” or industries, which are priorities for America including Innovation & Technology, Science & Healthcare, Engineering, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Education, Public Service, Law, Media & Entertainment, and Latinas.  Tens of thousands of students and young professionals are connected to each other, to mentors, and to resources; over 50 trainings, workshops, and informal Charlas are hosted across the country; creative and inspirational initiatives and multi-media campaigns are executed; and hundreds of minorities are placed into internships, mentorships, fellowships and full-time positions with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.  Visit www.loftinnovation.org, and join http://loftnetwork.org to get on the fast track to leadership.  Follow LOFTinstitute on Twitter.

About Latino Legacy Weekend

Latino Legacy Weekend (LLW) is a retreat space which fosters innovative thinking by building bridges across professions, ideologies, generations, national ancestries, regions, and religions of the American Latino community through idea interchange and relationship development.  Visit www.latinolegacyweekend.org.