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National Anthem Project to Film @ NY’s Wagner Park

Isla Martinez

Marketing and PR Coordinator

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), Grammy & Latin Grammy nominated band, Locos por Juana have come together to support the Dreamer community in the U.S. through our National Anthem Project. Support our National Anthem Project online using #WeDreamAmerica!

HHF and filmmaker, Milcho invite all NY Dreamers to participate in our music video shoot this Thursday, Nov 9th from 1pm-3pm. The shoot will be taking place at Wagner Park, across the street from the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park.

The National Anthem Project demonstrates the support and love we have for the United States. The focus is on the great responsibility of the Dreamers who represent more than 1 million young people facing the possibility of being sent back home to their home countries.

Locos por Juana have arranged a special tribute of the National Anthem in a respectful, English language, tribute to America, Latin style. The National Anthem is our nation’s song and our National Anthem Project will be positive and focused on the great promise that we aim to keep as a community.

Filming has already taken place at the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. Americans must push Congress to pass the DREAM act and we hope you all support #WeDreamAmerica.

This effort is mobilizing all users to call their congressional representatives, public officials and other influencers to support the DREAM Act. For more Dreamer resources go here. If you have any further questions regarding the music video shoot, please contact milcho@milcho.com.

Photography: Milcho