In an effort to inspire, educate and present a positive image of Latinos, HHF executes multimedia public awareness campaigns to promote cultural pride, accomplishment and community growth by highlighting young and established Latino role models.Campaigns include Latino industry leaders and celebrities and focus on key messages of education and progress.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation, Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated band, Locos por Juana, have joined forces to support the Dreamer community in the United States through the National Anthem Project. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was rescinded and without immediate congressional intervention, the current DACA recipients will lose their work permits and deportation protections.

The concept of the National Anthem Project is to demonstrate our great appreciation, love, and support of the United States. We want to focus on the great responsibility of the Dreamers, who represent more than 1 million young people brought to the United States very young and are in jeopardy of being sent back to their home countries after only knowing America as their home. We want to honor the value proposition Latinos and all immigrants have toward this country. Locos por Juana have arranged a special tribute of the National Anthem in a respectful, English language, tribute to America, Latin style. The National Anthem will be positive and focused on the great promise that we aim to keep as a community.The idea was born during the 30th annual Hispanic Heritage Awards last month as we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Hispanic Heritage Month in this country and recognized the great promise of the dreamers on our stage and on the PBS broadcast.  But we need to do more…

Americans must push Congress to pass the DREAM act! Support our National Anthem Project by using the hashtag #WeDreamAmerica as we continue to mobilize users to call their congressional representatives, public officials and other influencers in support of a Dream Act.

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