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Through a sustainable and measurable model for Latino leadership, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) leverages long-standing programs, platforms, and relationships to communicate your messages, promote your products and services, and position you as a leader in the Latino community from regions across America to Capitol Hill.     

HHF is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit conceived by the White House as President Reagan was creating Hispanic Heritage Month in 1987.  Recently, President Obama called HHF’s programs “creative, sustainable and measurable in dealing with the need for leadership going forward for America’s largest minority.”  


HHF provides our sponsors and partners with high-profile, company-or-industry-tailored opportunities to reach the Latino community in a meaningful way through our  respected programs that reach out to youth, educators, the workforce and influencers in meeting your companies marketing, community relations, diversity, public relations, and public affairs objectives.   Thank you very much for your consideration.


We welcome current and new sponsors to brainstorm with us in order to keep our programs fresh and creative. Our sponsors pass along ideas that leverage their brands and resources in an effort to make our programs more effective. We encourage our sponsors to remain engaged throughout the year to help us keep our programs sustainable and strategic in lifting the Hispanic community. Our job, in return, is to ensure our sponsors that their worthwhile investment is measurable and meeting our collective goals each year. We are always open to ideas in an effort to meet our mission and our sponsor's needs. It is truly an alliance that serves our motto of providing all our sponsors with "good reasons to do good things".


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