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Staff Spotlight: LOFT Source Coordinator

Isla Martinez

Marketing and PR Coordinator

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) wants you to learn more about our amazing staff, the individuals behind the work of our programs including the Hispanic Heritage Awards, Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT), Youth AwardsCode as a Second Language and other initiatives!

HHF is a team of 18 individuals working out of our Washington, DC and Los Angeles offices, among others. We introduce you to Teresa Cronin, HHF’s Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) Source Coordinator. Teresa has worked for The Foundation for two years, and is letting us spotlight her impressive work.

Have you ever met a triplet? HHF is honored to have you meet Teresa, our very own triplet. Teresa’s triplet sisters, her best friends, include Deanna and Jessica. Growing up in Maryland, Teresa played soccer, basketball, softball, among other things.

Teresa went to Sherwood High School located in Sandy Spring, Maryland. She ran Varsity track and cross country all 4 years, serving as captain of the indoor and outdoor track team her junior year and senior years and cross country captain her senior year. After graduating high school, Teresa attended Salisbury University, majoring in Political Science, minoring in Business Administration, and where she was recruited to run cross country and track. She landed her first job her final semester in college when she interned for Douglas Gansler’s Democratic Primary race for Governor of Maryland. At this internship Teresa learned to communicate with constituents and raise awareness for the primary in her community.

After graduating college, Teresa was training to run her first half marathon and applying to jobs when she took up on an internship opportunity at HHF from our very own President and CEO, Antonio Tijerino. From December 2014 to July 2015 Teresa interned at HHF, connecting individuals to the Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) Community and reaching out to high schools from across the country to attend our events. Starting in July of 2015, Teresa was hired on as HHF’s LOFT Source Coordinator.

Anytime a person starts a new job, especially right after college, criticism and fear might get the best of someone, but Teresa advices people to stay organized, and learn from one’s mistakes. When Teresa first started she wasn’t particularly familiar with event planning and the amount of detail that it requires. She remembers a time when she was the point person for getting additional RSVP’S because the room the sponsor  booked was twice the size for the amount of people that were attending. Although it required more work on her end, she increased those RSVP’s, got the job done, and planned a successful event.

Teresa’s role at HHF includes having conversations and meetings with sponsors, including Goldman Sach’s, ExxonMobil, among others, day to day. She helps oversee the ExxonMobil LOFT Fellowship that connects aspiring mechanical, chemical, civil and electrical engineers with mentors, where the fellows participate in the Harvard certified ExxonMobil mentee program, an online, exclusive curriculum to introduce Fellows to the organization. Teresa also provides students with assistance on how to write a professional resume. As Teresa is connecting students with internships, fellowships and jobs at top companies across the country, she is learning that companies are looking for talent very early on, finding more and more applicants that are in top high school programs.

Teresa likes to travel, enjoy her free time with her friends and sisters, camping, fishing, and anything that involves being in the water. Whenever Teresa is free she also enjoys running, and finding different workouts pertaining to the season.

Teresa’s work at HHF does not go unnoticed, thank you for your commitment Teresa. HHF is lucky to have you!

Stay tuned to learn more about our HHF staff in the weeks to come.