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Staff Spotlight: Special Assistant to HHF’s CEO

Isla Martinez

Marketing and PR Coordinator

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) wants you to learn more about our amazing staff, the individuals behind the work of our programs including the Hispanic Heritage Awards, Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT), Youth AwardsCode as a Second Language and other initiatives!

HHF is a team of 18 individuals working out of our Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles offices among others. We introduce you to Camila Zamorano, HHF’s Special Assistant to President and CEO, Antonio Tijerino, who just recently stepped into a Development Coordinator role as well. Camila has worked with The Foundation for one year now and is letting us spotlight her impressive work!

Camila was born in Bolivia and moved to the United States when she was 10 years old. Growing up Camila was a busy girl, always involved in different activities. She played basketball, took piano classes and was a cheerleader. Her parents always made sure that she, along with her sisters were involved in as much as possible. When she was younger, Camila remembers telling her mom at some point in her childhood that she wanted to become a doctor that delivered babies when she was older.

In first grade Camila was enrolled at an American school, where she started learning English and then transferred to a Catholic German school before leaving the country a few months after. She then attended Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, her first 2 years of high school, and attended T.C. Williams High School her junior and senior year when she moved to Alexandria, Virginia. Moving to a different school wasn’t easy for her, but being with her best friend made it worth it. Once Camila graduated high school, she worked at several restaurants, always with the goal intact of going to college and obtaining her degree.

Camila started working with The Foundation as Antonio’s Assistant in July of 2016. She is grateful to work with Antonio  and admires his commitment to work and his family.

“Antonio has a schedule that requires him to travel frequently, but he is family oriented, making sure to never miss a birthday or anniversary.”

A day in the life of a personal assistant to the CEO of one of the nation’s top nonprofits does not come without it’s bumps in the road.  Camila recalls when she had just started as Antonio’s assistant and had a total technical disaster!  She had an important call to hop on to and an important call to schedule for Antonio, when her phone and computer both died. But Camila’s cool composure has allowed her to earn her stripes and always get the job done. Camila recently moved into a new role as  Development Coordinator, where she is in direct communication with HHF sponsors and potential sponsors along with HHF’s Development Directors.

While managing her roles at HHF, Camila attends Northern Virginia Community College full-time and plans to attend the University of Virginia for Chemical Engineering.

“I love learning everything about science. When I leave a science class, it makes me look at the world so differently.”

When Camila isn’t working and going to school she loves hiking, traveling, basketball, bike riding and anything that involves the outdoors.

Camila has the pleasure of working with her older sister, Jasmin Zamorano, HHF’s Director of Programs and loves that she gets to work closely with her sister  to do great work across the country. Her family and friends think it is amazing that they work together along with their other sister, Violetta Zamorano, who interns for HHF out of the D.C. office.

Camila’s work at HHF does not go unnoticed, thank you for your commitment Camila, HHF is lucky to have you!

Stay tuned to learn more about our HHF staff in the weeks to come.