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HHF believes that innovation is the key to competing in an increasingly global economy as well as moving a community and country forward, and HHF's award-winning, youth-based, leadership and workforce-development programs continue to focus on American's "priority fields". HHF believes that through innovation Latino youth can make an immediate impact on classrooms, communities, and the Hispanic workforce. And with more than a third of the Latino population being under 18 years of age and Hispanic median age in America more than a decade younger than other populations, investing in youth to lead is in our best interest. But they need to lead today, not tomorrow. America cannot wait.


The Youth Awards, LOFT, and Public Awareness Campaigns are designed to leverage and mobilize the tens of thousands of young leaders to not only succeed, but to inspire thousands of others to succeed. We call this Actionable Leadership. 


The following is a quick glance at HHF’s year-round youth programs.  

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