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2017 NetWings Corp Delegate: Isaac Moreno

Student:Guadalajara, MX

Nothing is too Heavy for those that Have Wings

Created in 2015, NetWings Corp, is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to developing opportunities of exposure for youths to actively engage with the world through active participation and dialogue in prestigious international conferences.

In 2017, I was selected to serve as a NetWings Corp. Youth Delegate. Although I did not know it then, my participation would serve as an opportunity of a lifetime as I traveled to a distant world, from  Guadalajara, Mexico to Cologne, Germany alongside a cohort of four students from throughout the US.

Throughout our travels, we quickly immersed ourselves for the next week, by participating in the World Business Dialogue Conference alongside over 300 peers from over 30 countries. For seven days I gained an immeasurable learning experience. For seven days, I built relationships with people who at first seemed much different than I, but who I soon came to realize, hosted more similarities than differences. More importantly, for seven days, I built friendships with people from across the world, which I am confident will last a lifetime.

Although  I have no doubt that my experiences as a NetWings Corp. Delegate have leveraged my own understanding of the world and have undoubtedly benefited me greatly, in having met over 300 of my peers throughout the world, I have also begun to realize the importance of sharing experiences gained amongst my collective community as a whole. It is only through this collaboration and collective understanding of how the world works today, that we’ll be able to combat a rooted fear of foreigners, a rooted fear of unfamiliarity, that our world experiences today.

A large part of the population today, sees cultural globalization as a threat instead of an opportunity. We must take matters into our own hands, by serving as leaders who appropriately transmit our acquired learning and experiences to expand the vision of others, and to make them see beyond the differences that us and to instead focus on the similarities  which unite us.

We must choose to build perspective instead of building walls. It is time for youth to seek to adapt to unforeseeable changes with a vision of the future that allows  us to transform our environment, and our future. Amongst challenges, we are given opportunities to create solutions. Let us dare to dream big and never forget that Nothing is too heavy for those who have wings.


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