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Antonio Tijerino recognized with Ana G. Mendez Presidential Medal and serves as Commencement Speaker at Capitol-Area Graduation Ceremony

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Antonio Tijerino recognized with Ana G. Mendez Presidential Medal and serves as Commencement Speaker at Capitol-Area Graduation Ceremony

WASHINGTON, DC – Ana G. Mendez University recognized Hispanic Heritage Foundation President and CEO Antonio Tijerino with the Presidential Medal, which “recognizes citizens’ invaluable contributions to education and the community we serve.”  The Award was presented during the 2019 commencement ceremonies of the Capitol region’s campuses, where Tijerino also served as commencement speaker.

“In recognition of your contributions to the Hispanic community in the United States and for you continuous advocacy for access to education, workforce development, entrepreneurship and equality, Antonio Tijerino is being presented with Presidential Medal,” said Syndia A. Nazario-Cardona, Associate VP of Government Affairs and Community Relations at Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez in a letter to Tijerino.  “Your lifetime of service, commitment to the Hispanic community and success are parallel to our institution’s mission.  Our institution is committed to the academic and professional achievement of our students and it is with leaders and mentors such as yourself that we can continue empowering the community through education.”

Tijerino has been nationally-recognized for his advocacy and work on behalf of immigrants, refugees and DACA recipients among other groups, including working on the border with Mexico in support of families, children and individuals fleeing violence and poverty through various programs and efforts.

As an immigrant from Nicaragua, Tijerino stated from the podium to the graduating students, “Your resiliency, your resourcefulness, your humility, your faith, your ganas as immigrants …those are the same factors that will be an advantage to you going forward as entrepreneurs, as members of the workforce, and in your case today, as graduates from Ana G. Mendez University.  You have earned the American Dream.”

Tijerino has led the Hispanic Heritage Foundation for 18 years.

About Hispanic Heritage Foundation

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About The Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS)

AGMUS is a non-profit institution of higher education whose principal mission is to promote the cultural, social and economic development and well-being of Hispanic communities by offering educational opportunities for the benefit of the communities which it serves through an an integrated system (visit


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