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AT&T and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation announce national recipients of ‘Grow Your Chispa’ small business effort

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

$50,000 contribution to be distributed among five Latina business owners in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas making an impact on communities through their entrepreneurship

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – AT&T and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) announced today the national recipients of the ‘Grow Your Chispa’ Program, a national initiative which provides small business grants to Latino/Hispanic entrepreneurs who have significantly impacted their communities through their businesses and set a positive path for future generations.

“We are thrilled to ignite ‘chispas’ of ideas for social impact with AT&T, which are often dismissed,” said Antonio Tijerino, President & CEO of HHF.  “But this is where we need to invest because the ideas are from our community, for our community through entrepreneurship with a heartbeat. Ideas lead to innovation, job creation, economic mobility, and social change and what better vehicle than entrepreneurship as we celebrate Small Business Month in America. It’s no coincidence the five National Awardees are all Latinas because Latinas are starting businesses at a record rate and the fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs. Bravo AT&T for believing in the power of entrepreneurship, ideas and social impact.”

A total contribution of $50,000 will be distributed among five Latina business owners located in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas:

“The ‘Grow Your Chispa’ Program winners are not only champions of innovation within their communities but also beacons of hope and inspiration for future generations,” said AT&T Director of Public Affairs, Celeste Carrasco. “By supporting these trailblazers, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering diversity, empowering economic growth, and celebrating the vibrant spirit that these entrepreneurs bring to the fabric of American business. This initiative is a testament to what we can achieve when we invest in the boundless potential of our diverse communities.”

The ‘Grow Your Chispa’ Program is designed to alleviate immediate financial challenges and to create a robust support system that fosters entrepreneurship, encourages growth, and helps small businesses thrive. This is particularly important as Hispanic-owned small businesses are a driving force in our economy, contributing significantly to innovation, job creation, and the overall prosperity of local communities.

Latino-led small businesses have grown over 34% in the past 10 years compared to the 1% growth of all small businesses. According to Treasury Department calculations based on monthly Current Population Survey data, the number of self-employed workers that were Latino or Black has grown significantly  since 2019 to 2023.

About the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF)

HHF is a national nonprofit organization focused on education, workforce, social innovation and culture through the lens of leadership. For more information, visit and follow the Hispanic Heritage Foundation on InstagramFacebookX, and TikTok.  Listen to the HHF podcast Fritanga on favorite streaming service and HHF YouTube channel.

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