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Celebrating Small Businesses on TikTok and Powering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

TikTok commits $1 million each to Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Black Girl Ventures

In recognition of National Small Business Week, TikTok is celebrating small businesses and spotlighting how they’ve persevered through uncertain economic times to not only survive, but thrive. From Jessica Tran, the founder of @jtmobiledetailing, who says 60% of customers choose her car detailing shop because they saw her on TikTok, to Jaz & Sam Sears, the owners and operators of @aztaco.king growing their business from a food cart in a parking lot to two restaurants in less than 6 months, we’ve seen small businesses create joyful, authentic content and translate their TikTok communities to real world economic impact.

This week, we are proud to announce two partnerships, a workshop series and featured in-app programming to continue supporting small businesses:

  • We are investing $1 million in the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to elevate entrepreneurship in the Latin community.
  • We are investing $1 million in Black Girl Ventures to support Black and Brown women and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • We are hosting workshops so that businesses of any size can learn how to use TikTok’s tools to find their audience and grow.

“Every day, we see incredible examples of people discovering new small businesses on TikTok, and these stories not only warm our hearts, but they represent the real world economic growth generated for communities across the country. Five million US businesses turn to TikTok to take us inside their world in a fun authentic way, and as a result, they are reaching new customers, hiring more employees and growing their business.” said Becca Sawyer, Global Head of SMB for TikTok. “By partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Black Girl Ventures and launching virtual workshops, we’re strengthening our commitment to build an inclusive and supportive platform where small business owners and entrepreneurs can share their story, find their audience and drive real business results.”

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation is focused on elevating the Latin community by cultivating leadership, educating, and encouraging entrepreneurship. Two years ago, we partnered with the HHF to launch Creciendo con TikTok, and today, we are announcing a renewed focus on empowering Latin entrepreneurs. Together we will be launching a suite of programs designed to empower young entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country with education and capital.

“TikTok is an important resource for Latino small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed because it connects culture, community, business and education. From the young entrepreneurs building the next big thing to chefs sharing comforting and exciting recipes, thousands of Latino business owners have been able to fuel their livelihoods through storytelling on TikTok.  Our partnership with TikTok will further empower the Latino business community with fun and useful tools to grow their businesses and create sustained economic growth to benefit future generations.  That’s the impact we are going to make with Creciendo Con TikTok.” said Antonio Tijerino, President & CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

Black Girl Ventures

Black Girl Ventures provides economic growth opportunities to Black and Brown women across the United States through education and access to capital. We’re partnering with Black Girl Ventures to invest in Black and Brown women across the country by supporting BGV’s expansive community programming, which includes entrepreneurship education, leadership development, networking, and funding opportunities. We will also work with them to inspire the next generation of Black and Brown women entrepreneurs through their HBCU initiative.

“Creators are entrepreneurial thinkers who showcase audacity and talent on a daily basis on TikTok. In order to launch a business you have to be creative. TikTok is a place where small business owners get to claim their lionshare of the market without barriers. In a world where women and people of color are constantly pushing against societal norms that don’t always welcome them with open arms, it is imperative to have platforms that allow you to flex your authenticity, gain access to new networks, and grow your business on your own terms,” said Omi Bell, President and CEO of Black Girl Ventures.

TikTok Takeoff Webinar Series

In addition to supporting the organizations listed above, we’re personally hosting a four-week virtual workshop series highlighting the stories, strategies, and advice of small and medium-sized businesses who have taken off on TikTok. Businesses of all sizes are welcome to attend and learn from successful TikTok creators on how to engage with audiences and translate online success to real world business success. The workshops will cover a range of educational topics and tips for businesses at every stage of their journey and will take place on Wednesdays throughout the month starting May 10th. To sign up or learn more, please visit

#SmallBusiness is #LovedByTikTok

From animal lovers learning about the local farms on #farmtok to gardening-enthusiasts finding inspiration from landscapers on #lawntok, Americans across the country are able to engage and support small businesses in their neighborhood and beyond. Throughout Small Business Week and the entire month of May, we are spotlighting small businesses here on our Newsroom and on TikTok – check out #smallbusiness and #boomingontiktok to see your favorites featured!

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