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CSL Bootcamps in Charlotte, NC!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) hosted two Coding as a Second Language (CSL) bootcamps sponsored by Infosys Foundation USA for 75 students at West MckenInburg High School and Rocky River High School in Charlotte, North Carolina!

CSL is a national initiative that introduces the youth to computer programming and makes technical training and careers accessible to students everywhere. Within the CSL program, there are CSL academies and bootcamps that take place in high schools in different cities across the country.

These coding bootcamps are an opportunity where students learn a condensed introduction to computer science through a block based learning curriculum. At these technical training boot camps students gain insight on what is necessary to build games and other gaming applications.

CSL Fellow Veronica Hernandez said, “Traveling across the country to do what I’m passionate about it is such a blessing. Not only was I able to expose a new group of students to computer science, but I was also challenged and learned a lot as a teacher. For the first time, I taught a group with a larger amount of Spanish speaking students. I learned so much from them and the experience overall is challenging me to think about more effective ways to reach more students.”

“Computer science can help youth build the skills necessary for success in school, workforce, and in life,” said Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

HHF is committed to providing students with resources to technology, and our vision is possible by allowing students to stay connected with year-round access to the LOFT Innovation leadership and workforce development programs including STEM Symposia, Innovation Fellowships, Youth Awards, mentoring and other work-based learning opportunities!

Learn more how you can get involved with our CSL program as a student, partner, or sponsor here!

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