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LOFT Spotlight: Favian Herrera Jr.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

by Iliana Sanchez-Meraz

Favian Herrera Jr. is a 2004 Dallas region Hispanic Heritage Youth Award recipient in Arts & Entertainment. Family issues led Favian to dance professionally immediately after graduating high school in order to allow him to help support his siblings. Dance has been an integral factor in Favian’s life, and his talents have allowed him to have a lucrative career working for numerous studios and companies throughout the country, including as most recent the Wyckoff School of Dance in Wyckoff, New Jersey, McKinney Dance Academy, Katy Elite Star Studios, and The International Conservatory of Performing Arts. He has served as a guest artist for Newman Smith High School, Anita N. Martinez Ballet Folklorico, Grupo Pakal Mayan Performing Arts, and Teatro Dallas.

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Favian has taught several workshops and choreographed a number of productions/commercial campaigns throughout his career, which include campaigns for DFW Airport, Captain Morgan Rum and Albertsons. Even through all his outside projects, he continues to teach in inner city schools through non-profit organization Big Thought, an organization geared towards arts integration in education, allowing him the opportunity to share his craft with inner city youth. Dance has given him the opportunity to travel extensively and to work with leading choreographers. Although he decided to dance professionally right out of high school, Favian still understood the importance of having a college degree and eventually attended the University of Phoenix to attain a Bachelor’s degree in business. The logistical skills and training he received in school helped him gain a greater understanding of the business aspect associated with maintaining a professional career.

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Favian has been extremely grateful for the opportunity to highlight his talents as an artist. He firmly believes that it has been an essential part of his growth as a human being. Despite his success, Favian has also been presented with strife and struggle. Being a male dancer presented obstacles and scrutiny based on ill-conceived societal stereotypes. However, Favian’s inner strength and devotion to free expression have allowed him to fight against the prejudice our society endures. He believes that he was born to dance and the strength he has gained by being a father has also greatly contributed to his ability to be a champion of forward thinking and progress through art.

Changing our society through art and working with passionate people have been his greatest motivators. Favian encourages future Latino leaders to value themselves and their abilities. He believes that “nothing is too big or too small” and that success comes when you learn to love and appreciate your imperfections.

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