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HHF’s CSL Manager Presents Lightning Talk at ACT- W Conference

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

ACT- W Conference 

HHF’s Code as a Second Language (CSL) Manager, Daisy Madrigal presented a Lighting Talk, “CS Education in the Latino Community” at the ACT-W Conference. The conference was presented by ChickTech on April 12th in Phoenix, Arizona
Daisy Madrigal, represented HHF at the ACT-W National Conference, where women in tech lead talks and workshops.
The Lightning Talk focused on HHF’s CSL initiative, which introduces and teaches computer programming to Latino youth. CSL creates pathways in technology for underrepresented minorities in different cities across the country. Furthermore, Daisy has been successful in increasing CSL’s presence to 35 top U.S. cities, impacting thousands of students!
“CSL has its main objective to introduce as many folks as possible to coding and computer science. With this initiative what we really want to do is help diversity within the tech industry. As many are aware, it’s not diverse as it could be, or representative  of our communities,” said Daisy. 
In addition, Daisy presented a 2018 commitment on behalf of HHF. “HHF’s CSL initiative will provide computer science education and training for more than 1,000 students in 25 schools, in 20 cities in 2018. This includes a specific focus on Latinos and schools in small and rural communities.”
Therefore, Daisy is bridging the natural technological abilities in our communities. So, through partnerships with leading technology companies, Daisy leads sophisticated programs that engage both students of color in public schools. Young professionals of color eagerly leave our CSL Academies, Bootcamps and Summits inspired to enter a career in STEM. 
 In conclusion, learn more about Code as Second Language go here and check out the latest HHF news.
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