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HHF’s President & CEO Speaks @ LATINO Magazine Luncheon

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

LATINO Magazine Luncheon

HHF’s President & CEO, Antonio Tijerno gave a speech on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) at the LATINO Magazine Luncheon. The luncheon was part of the 2018 Latino Education Conference in Washington, DC

HHF’s President and CEO, Antonio Tijerino speaks at the LATINO Magazine Luncheon in Washington, DC.

Antonio started his speech by saying, “Thank you, Alfredo Estrada, for inviting every year to play a part in this event. Thank you for your leadership in education through Latino Magazine and your personal advocacy for our community.”

In addition, “Thank you to ExxonMobil, my long-time compadres who are committed to promoting STEM education/ careers in the Latino community. I want to focus on Latinas today. Not just because the past year has shined a bright light on great obstacles. Also the great successes of women and girls, not just because I’m the father of two daughters.”

Furthermore, LATINO Magazine, the flagship publication of the Latino Publishing Group is based in Austin, Texas. LATINO serves as a voice to the Latino Community and features informative, in-depth articles. Issues of interest include business, media, technology, government and education to the community. 

“Because in a time of crisis, where do we all turn? To Latinas. When we’re talking about the crisis in STEM, I turn to my daughter and the important role of media in setting examples,” said Antonio. 

In conclusion, “Hispanic women/ girls have to be an integral part of any strategy to meet our nation’s workforce priorities,” stated HHF’s President and CEO, Antonio Tijerino. 

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