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HHF Hosts LOFT Network Retreat in L.A.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Retreat united LOFT Network members from across the country

LOS ANGELES – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s (HHF) Leaders On Fast Track (LOFT) program hosted a semiannual LOFT Retreat on December 27th from 10-2:30 p.m., which was hosted and co-sponsored by the El Sereno Branch Los Angeles Public Library (5226 Huntington Dr South, Los Angeles, CA 90032). The event welcomed new members to the LOFT Network and featured a series of “charlas” by LOFT members and a diverse group of L.A. leaders. Each short “charla” was focused on a topic of the speaker’s choice, and ranged from education and career paths to community service initiatives, personal anecdotes and more. LOFTIes at the Retreat shared their experiences, insight and visions. Coffee and pastries were provided.

“As a dynamic network of tens of thousands, we wanted to bring together our outstanding young leaders to share their innovative spirit,” said Antonio Tijerino, president and CEO of HHF. “We believe in our community and believe in our youth.  The LOFT Retreat recognizes these outstanding individuals for sharing those beliefs.”

The End of Year LOFT Retreat also brought LOFT members together  to celebrate the holidays and reflect upon HHF’s year. The retreat included the following events; 27th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards, Coding Jams across the country which taught computer programming techniques to minority students, Regional Youth Award ceremonies which provided grants to Latino high school seniors, and much more. For more information on HHF’s year-round programs, visit

LOFT Retreat attendees represented industries touching all ten LOFT “tracks,” or priority fields for America. The tracks include Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare & Science, Innovation & Technology, Latinas, Law, Media & Entertainment, and Public Service. LOFTies from these fields and more will come together as a community to lay out a path for LOFT to move forward with greater impact on the Latino community and America.

About HHF and LOFT

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit originally established by the White House in 1987, inspires, prepares, positions and connects minority leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities.  HHF also promotes cultural pride, accomplishment, and the great promise of the community through public awareness campaigns seen by millions.  HHF is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has offices in Los Angeles, New York and the LOFT Institute is housed at Michigan State University. Follow Hispanic Heritage Foundation on Facebook and @HHFoundation on Twitter.

HHF’s award-winning LOFT leadership and workforce development program is divided into 10 “Tracks,” or industries, which are priorities for America including Innovation & Technology, Science & Healthcare, Engineering, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Education, Public Service, Law, Media & Entertainment, and Latinas.  Tens of thousands of students and young professionals are connected to each other and to mentors and resources; over 50 trainings, workshops, and informal Charlas are hosted across the country; creative initiatives are executed; and hundreds of minorities are placed into internships, mentorships, fellowships and full-time positions with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.  Visit, and join to get on the fast track to leadership.  Follow @LOFTinstitute on Twitter.

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