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Hispanic Heritage Foundation launches ‘Fritanga’ podcast hosted by Antonio Tijerino

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) announced today the launch of the Fritanga podcast, hosted by Antonio Tijerino and supported by TikTok.  The Fritanga podcast is a cultural convening for Latinos to find comfort, connection, information, identity, and inspiration by exploring what makes us so complicatedly compelling and how to move forward with greater unity for greater impact.

Fritanga will bring members of the community from different backgrounds, sharing perspectives, challenges and triumphs, vision, and of course, their stories.  Latino stories.  The first season will include 10 episodes with a new episode premiering the third Thursday of every month. LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE the Fritanga podcast or wherever you get your podcast including Apple, Google Play, Spotify to make sure powerful Latinx voices are heard, and follow the conversation on TikTok @hispanicheritage and across socials.

Tijerino will be frying it up with inspirational members of the Hispanic community – from the beating heart of social justice, Mónica Ramírez; to the 2022 Grammy-Winning and genre-bending musician, Alex Cuba; to going to the frontlines of small business with Mark Madrid; to the spiritual-voice and conscious of our migrants on the border, Sister Norma Pimentel; to the boldly inspirational trans Actress Nava Mau; and many others who we will announce.

“In parts of Latin America, including my birthplace of Nicaragua, a fritanga is a gathering space where a variety of down-home food is fried, cooked, and served communal style,” said Antonio Tijerino, HHF President and CEO. “Much like the variety of offerings in a fritanga, our Latinx identity is composed of a variety of elements that represent unique experiences, values, identity, perspectives, and vision.  As Latinos, we need to define our own community, no one else should, but that definition needs to be much broader and more inclusive, which is what we will provide on the Fritanga podcast. We are grateful to TikTok in ensuring that our guests will have their powerful voices heard loudly. It will take all of us.  We’re here.”

About the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

HHF’s mission focuses on education, workforce, identity, and social impact through the lens of leadership and culture. For more information, visit and follow the Hispanic Heritage Foundation on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and TikTok

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