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HHF,Army,CVS,Exxonmobil & Southwest Air!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Latinos On Fast Track (LOFT) Provides Career Guidance, Opportunities and Connectivity in STEM fields to Young Latinos

WASHINGTON, DC – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), in partnership with the U.S. Army, CVS Caremark Workforce Initiatives, ExxonMobil, OCI Group and Southwest Airlines (the Official Airline for LOFT) hosted a Latinos On Fast Track (LOFT) STEM Symposia in nine markets across America.  (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math and the leadership.) The workforce development program was free for attendees and provided career-path guidance, educational opportunities and connectivity for students and young professionals in the STEM fields.

The 2013 nine-city series included:

  • Albuquerque, NM Sept 18th University of New Mexico
  • San Antonio, TX Sept 24th University of Texas-San Antonio
  • Houston, TX                           Sept 26th                     University of Houston
  • Sacramento, CA Oct 8th Cal State – Sacramento
  • Santa Clara, CA Oct 10th San Jose State University
  • Chicago, IL Oct 22nd University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Los Angeles, CA Nov 4th  Cal State – San Bernardino
  • Phoenix, AZ Nov 6th Arizona State University – Tempe
  • Miami, FL Nov 19th Florida International University

The events featured:

  • Dynamic, exclusive leadership trainings led by the Army designed to help student-leaders define their role within their schools or organizations, and encourage them to make an impact on their communities
  • Insightful panel of STEM professionals showcasing  their different careers paths, and the resources and opportunities available for Latinos to enter the STEM fields
  • Chance to network with professionals and other young Latinos interested in STEM
  • Connectivity to a greater network of other Latinos in the LOFT network which includes tens of thousands across the country
  • Sponsor giveaways/raffle which will include free, round-trip Southwest ticket and gift cards from CVS

“With America struggling to fill more than 3 million job openings in the STEM-related fields, we feel strongly that investing in high-achieving Latino youth is a solution,” said Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. “With more than 10,000 baby-boomers reaching retirement age every day for the next 19 years in the STEM fields, our LOFT program and sponsors understand the urgency of identifying, inspiring, preparing and positioning our workforce.  There is no better place to focus than the youngest and fastest-growing segment of the population.”

To support the Hispanic Heritage Foundation mission and LOFT program visit and donate now.

About the Leadership Presentation

The training included information about the seven Army values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage), and how these are used to create Army leaders. Participants discussed the leaders that have been influential in their lives, and learned how these leaders become effective voices within their community. Using the “Be-Know-Do” model in conjunction with role playing exercises, students learned how character, intellectual capacity and the manner in which a leader makes decisions, can influence a group. Participants came away with a different understanding of what it takes to be a leader, including Army Strong.

LOFT (Latinos on Fast Track

LOFT is a leadership and workforce development program which connects emerging Latinos to each other, to experts, to resources, to platforms, and career paths in STEM fields, finance and entrepreneurship, education, innovation, and other fields.  Join the tens of thousands of Latino students and young professionals (aged 18-30) at LOFT Network at and follow LOFT on Twitter @LOFTInstitute.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Established in 1987 by the White House, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) is a 501c3, nonprofit which inspires, identifies, prepares and positions Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities.  HHF also provides Latinos in America with role models, cultural pride and a promising future through public awareness campaigns and special events.  What distinguishes HHF from other organizations is a focus on helping “a Latino to help thousands” and HHF believes youth can be leaders of today, not tomorrow through innovation. and follow HHF on twitter@HHFoundation.

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