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Hispanic Heritage Foundation, Welcome Tech, and The Latinx House hosted a brunch at J-Prime SteakHouse in Austin to present HHF’s unique ‘Adaptive Mission’ Approach to Actionable Impact

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Guests included partners, celebrities, and influentials who leverage HHF to move community forward across different sectors from education, tech, entrepreneurship, and entertainment

AUSTIN, TX – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), Welcome Tech, and The Latinx House hosted a brunch at J-Prime Steakhouse in Austin on March 15th to present HHF’s unique approach to serving the Latino community through an “Adaptive Mission.”  The program featured community and corporate partners, celebrities and influentials from various sectors who leverage HHF’s programs for actionable impact.

“We are thrilled to be in Austin during this special time of year in front of our stakeholders to present our approach to moving our community forward across important sectors – by being adaptable as an organization to support the needs and wants of our community,” said Antonio Tijerino, president and CEO of HHF.  “We are grateful to Raul Lomeli and Welcome Tech, Monica Ramirez of Latinx House, and J-Prime Steakhouse for graciously opening their doors and arms to us.  We presented examples of our malleable mission while breaking bread with our partners.”

Examples of HHF’s programs that were presented include:

  • Education: the first Latino-themed Minecraft in history which will be played by 30 million youth in about 30 different languages
  • Workforce: skills build effort with IBM which includes outreach to Welcome Tech clients to fill America’s tech workforce while potentially fast-tracking economic mobility
  • Social Impact: supporting the work of Puede Network in Dallas where HHF partnered to teach youth to code, as part of the bigger cohort of LOFT Lab which incubates ideas, leaders and efforts across the country
  • Culture: Actors and musicians discussing the Hispanic Heritage Awards, and Arts & Entertainment track to support inclusion but also leadership in the industry and creating a pipeline of talent which HHF already does in other sectors including tech, ed, healthcare, etc.
  • Social Justice: Working with Justice For Migrant Women to support farmworker community as well as migrants from Latin America to the Border to our Communities

About the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

HHF is a national nonprofit focused on education, workforce, social impact and justice, and culture through leadership.  Visit and follow HHF on social media.

About Welcome Tech 

Welcome Tech is the world’s first digital platform to provide the global, multigenerational immigrant community with the linguistically and culturally relevant resources to thrive in a new country. Welcome Tech’s unparalleled consumer insights, first-party data, and proprietary technology inform affordable, fair, and best in-market custom solutions across key services. The company’s initial and highly reputable immigrant platform, SABEResPODER currently serves millions of Hispanics. (

About The Latinx House

The Latinx House is a gathering place for people who appreciate and support the Latinx community and who celebrate Latinx excellence in film and entertainment. We are also a space to discuss pressing societal issues and the content creation related to these stories. We will provide engagement, activation, and community-building opportunities.


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