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Hispanic Heritage Parent Awards | Pearson

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

HHF’s 19th Annual Youth Awards honored 10 parents with the Hispanic Heritage Parent Award sponsored by Pearson at our regional ceremonies and one honored national parent at our 19th National Youth Awards on Capitol Hill

Our National Parent Award was awarded to Cynthia Solis of El Paso, TX and mother to Ryan James Solis, recipient of our National Community Service Youth Award. The regional parent awards were awarded to outstanding parents in 10 regions including Los Angeles, Alma Aceituno, Chicago, Sonia Sanchez, New York, Glendale Toro and in Northern California, Maria Guereco. 

HHF’s Hispanic Heritage Pearson Parent Award awarded to Imelda Barrera, mother to our Bronze Healthcare & Science Youth Awardee, Viridiana Barrera in Houston at Rice University.

In Phoenix, the Parent Award was awarded to Ledys (Camila) Pulido, Dallas, Wendy Navarro, Atlanta, Silvestre Lozada, Miami, Lucy Diaz Cruz, Washington, DC, Bilcia Argueta and in Houston, Imelda Barrera

HHF recognized these parents with the Hispanic Heritage Pearson Parent Award, sponsored by Pearson in honor of the pivotal role parents play in the educational success of our Latino youth. Parents were nominated by more than 200 recipients of the prestigious Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards and the parent award winners were surprised at each regional ceremony. 

HHF and Pearson had the opportunity to visit Cynthia Solis and Ryan James Solis in their El Paso, Texas home a few days leading up to the 19th National Youth Awards in Washington, DC! 

National Parent Awardee, Cynthia said, “It’s the parents waking up early on  Saturday mornings. Every day, every moment it’s about school, it’s about reading, it’s about how he can be a better Ryan. I’m really glad that organizations like the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and these accolades are coming his way, they’re very well deserved.” 

HHF’s National Hispanic Heritage Pearson Parent Awardee, Cynthia Solis with her son, Ryan James Solis, National Community Service Youth Awardee in Washington, DC for our 19th National Youth Awards.

“I can’t stress how much my mother has played an essential role in my life. In any case, if students don’t have the foundation of a mother or a foundation of strong role model, it’s very hard to learn to grow. I’ve been very fortunate enough to have been raised by my mother, I’m very thankful,” said National Community Service Youth Awardee, Ryan. 

Our parents were honored among sponsors, community leaders, Members of Congress, community/ business leaders and national Latino leaders. At our 19th National Youth Awards we honored Disney/Pixar’s “Coco” star Anthony Gonzalez with the Inspira Award alongside our National Youth Awardees and our National Parent Awardee. 

Thank you Pearson for supporting our Hispanic Heritage Parent Awards! Stay tuned for more Parent Award stories to come! Pearson’s world-class tools, content, products and services are designed to help students and their families make progress in their lives. 

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