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“Hold On” Miami Beach Film Screening

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation was front and center for the Screening of “Hold On,” a gem of a film screened in Miami Beach which introduced the powerful vocalist Micayla De Ette presented by Joule Entertainment in association with Hispanicize Pictures and production by Luis Guzman. The movie, inspired by true events, is about a struggling, mix-raced, Los Angeles singer, Sidney Rhodes whose music saves the life of her brother who is living on Skid Row.

Her music lives at a small church after a string of disappointing auditions where Sidney is reminded that the rise to stardom is not only dependent on the power of her voice as she’s turned away because of her weight.

Sidney meets Vic Duran, the son of a music mogul who acts as her manager with an offer to showcase her talent to the world. Her path to fame, however does not come without ill fate, loss and devastation.

The film starring Micayla De Ette, Tarek Tohme, Luis Guzman, Maurice Bernard left the Miami Beach Hispanicize audience in tears as the story of pain and redemption made viewers reflect on their own personal experiences.

Micayla, is soon to be recognized as a force to be reckoned with after the film’s public releases and seeing her take the stage at Hispanicize’s Postive Impact Awards was a taste of what’s to come. The Marketing & Communications team was honored to be the first to a move that is sure to leave a powerful impression on movie goers.

To read more about The Foundation in Miami read here and see to learn more about the film!

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