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This program is for teachers and educators only. Students should not apply.

Latinx Educator Maker Lab: Making CS Accessible

Join KID Museum and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation for a professional development experience focused on Maker-Centered Learning and Computer Science, supported by Infosys Foundation USA. This experience will include a full-day in-person training and will be available for teachers in four regions:

November 5th | 10 AM – 4 PM
Infosys Richardson Hub
2400 N Glenville Dr c150
Richardson, TX 75082

November 19th | 10 AM – 4 PM
Wongdoody LA Studio
8500 Steller Drive, Suite 5
Culver City, CA 90232

December 3rd | 10 AM – 4 PM
Infosys Tempe Hub
777 S Novus Pl Suite 400 & 500
Tempe, AZ. 85281

January 14 | 10 AM – 4 PM
KID Museum
3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 140
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

In addition to the in- person full day professional development workshop, the experience will include a Virtual Synchronous 3-Part Learning Collaborative:

● January 28 | 10 -11 am PST
● February 25 | 10- 11 am PST
● March 11 | 10 – 11 am PST

Join a community of educators who share a passion for equipping students with the skills and tools they need to succeed in and out of the classroom!

The full day training will include an interactive introduction to “Mind of a Maker,” a learning philosophy developed by KID Museum,  that encourages youth to become empathetic and persistent problem-solvers, teammates, and changemakers. Participants will then engage in an equity focused reading and reflection exercise  that helps them evaluate how we see ourselves as individuals and as members of a group and how that view  impacts our learning and participation. The first half of the day will conclude with an exploration of coding using Scratch, and a  guided  discussion focusing on the reflection question:  Where is the power in a learning experience that integrates identity with CS?

The second half of the day, educators will be grouped by the  grade level they teach to learn how coding can be used to integrate physical computing with  Makey Makey or Micro:bit. The focus of the discussion will center on culturally responsive and sustaining computer science pedagogy. The day  will culminate  in a project planning activity where educators will apply what they’ve learned to designing a lesson they plan to implement with their students. Educators will funnel these activities and experiences to the three follow-up learning collaborative sessions via Zoom.

In this intensive, hands-on full day training, we will explore how maker-centered learning can be applied to boost students’ confidence to engage in computer science and STEM.  With a focus on  “The Mind of a Maker,” KID Museum’s learning philosophy that encourages youth to become empathetic and persistent problem-solvers, teammates, and changemakers, we will explore various methods of connecting to concepts like identity, power, and participation to strengthen skills for success in and out of the classroom.  We will dive into maker exercises using practical tools and resources including  Scratch, Makey Makey, and Micro:bit, and will collaborate, and reflect with the goal of applying these resources to classroom lesson plans and activities that are tailored to your student’s grade level, learning and social-emotional, needs, identities and interests.

Virtual Synchronous 3-Part Learning Collaborative:

The Learning Collaborative is an opportunity to join a community of educators  to connect and learn together throughout the school year.  We will meet 3 times to share lessons learned, resources, ideas, ask questions, and discuss the successes and challenges we are experiencing in the classroom.

What to expect:

  • A stimulating 6 hour in-person workshop with hands-on maker learning activities, CS skill building, discussion and resource sharing with a focus on best practices of designing and delivering maker learning activities and lessons and on Computer Science and STEM.
  • Support and guidance for the development of one classroom  lesson during  the in-person workshop, with feedback from KID Museum professional educators and the option of publishing it on the  InfoSys Pathfinders Institute platform.
  • Join a community of educators dedicated to equity and CS education in the Learning Collaborative, a 3 part synchronous virtual program scheduled throughout the school year.

Who is this professional development experience  for?

  • Latinx teachers who want to strengthen their skills to succeed in CS and STEM application in their classrooms and who are interested in culturally responsive teaching, culturally responsive-sustaining computer science education,  and an authentic focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Educators who work directly and predominantly with Latinx students and youth

Important Details

  • A stipend of $250 will be paid to each participant (after the 3rd Learning Collaborative) which will cover your time as well as any local travel expenses.
  • A signed agreement to attend the full 6-hour in person training as well as the three virtual 1-hour Learning Collaborative sessions throughout the year will be required to be submitted as part of the registration process.
  • Lunch and snacks will be provided during the 6 hour in-person training session.
  • Proof of vaccination will be required to attend the in person training.
  • You must bring your own laptop to the in-person training – all other supplies and resources will be provided.
  • Each participant will receive a digital resource packet prior to the training session and we encourage you to read the preparation materials to get as much out of the training as possible.
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