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HHF Connects Latino Finance Leaders!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) has many programs that help students and professionals become future Latino leaders in their respective fields. HHF is honored to introduce you to Jessica Herrera, the manager of the 4th Annual Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) Investors Forum!

Born and raised  South Central Los Angeles, Jessica has always stayed close to her roots. Jessica currently commutes from Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) and South West Community College.

Jessica first started at HHF as an associate helping outreach for the Forum. Her position switched over to LOFT Investors Forum Manager just a few months into her role. You might be asking yourself what exactly is the LOFT Investors Forum?

“The LOFT Investors Forum educates and trains our Latino community related to investments and best practice, connects Latinos in the finance space with each other, and provides a platform for young Latino professionals to grow into senior roles within asset management,” said Jessica.

This year’s LOFT Investors Forum will be taking place on June 21st and June 22nd in Chicago! In preparation for the Forum to be a huge success, much planning is involved behind the scenes, and in just two months Jessica will see it all come to life!

“I am looking forward to providing more educational content for our Latino trustees, and have a great mixture of trustees, investment officers and asset managers to work together on solving current diversity issues we face in the industry.”

Jessica started at HHF with little finance background, and has learned so much over the span of a year into her role. Emanuel Pleitez, Chairman of HHF, has been integral to leading Jessica into the right direction in planning for the LOFT Investors Forum.

“I have had Emanuel as a mentor who has helped me throughout the whole process of learning more about the industry, and has been instrumental to the growth of the Forum.”

Monika Mantilla, President and CEO of Altura Capital, and Board Member at HHF, and Mina Nazemi Pacheco, advisor for the LOFT Investors Forum have also been huge supporters for Jessica.

It is so important for young Latinos to become more financially aware, and Jessica has some great advice to anyone out there who is seeking help. “The best thing one can do is not be afraid to ask these professionals for help, because they are always looking for a way to give back to the community. Reach out to them, email them, because they are willing to give you their time if you ask for help.”

With such a prestigious event there are its challenges, but Jessica is a 23-year-old working with finance professionals in the investment industry, and that speaks for itself!

“The biggest highlight has been helping to expand the Forum, from a day and a half event, to a series of investment dinners, and it’s been a great experience meeting Latino investors from different backgrounds.”

The 6th Latino Investors Dinner of the year will be taking place on April 27th in San Francisco. The Latino Investment Dinners were created to connect more Latino investors with each other, since there are so few out there. “If there is a way that we could help each other’s careers, these dinners act as a vehicle to meet each other,” said Jessica.


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