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Los Angeles Revitalizes HHF Team at Annual Retreat

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation team works out of our Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles offices and earlier this month both teams joined together for our annual staff retreat which took place in Los Angeles this year. The best teams are ones that work together and identify different points of views from all team members. Teamwork requires communication, commitment and unity, and HHF’s culture reciprocates these qualities in all its members.

With the guidance of our President and CEO, Antonio Tijerino, Chief of Staff, Roberto Callejas and Director of Programs, Jasmin Zamorano, the entire HHF team had the chance to meet new staff members and come up with new ideas on how to best serve our community.

“I am surrounded by leaders who understand their responsibilities to each other and our mission. They really deserve the credit for our impact, and for always keeping it cien!” said President and CEO, Antonio Tijerno.

D.C HHF team members visited the Los Angeles Offices for the first time, and the staff retreat was an opportunity for our programs leads from our Youth Awards, Code as a Second Language, led by Innovation and Technology Manager, Alberto Avalos, and Hispanic Heritage Awards to unite and support each other with fresh perspectives. HHF’s Development team, Juana Pacheco, Dario Collado and Camila Zamorano led a presentation and showed the HHF team fundraising 101. The Marketing and Communications team presented new ideas on the importance of social media and content generating as we are preparing for our 30th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards, and our 30th Annual Youth Awards in the fall.

HHF team members bonded over dinners at Venice Beach and Downtown LA, and toured the CBS Studio Center in Studio City. Work at HHF doesn’t really feel like work at all because each team member is passionate about what they do, and works hard to give not only their program, but their team all that they have. Stay tuned to what HHF has in store for you all in the months to come.


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