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National Youth Awards Spotlight: Debora G.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) will host the 18th Annual National Youth Awards Ceremony on Thursday, January 26, 2017 in Miami, Florida!

HHF is honored to present the Healthcare Recipient, Debora Gonzalez. Debora serves as a role model to others, and is a true example of a Latina leader.

Debora is a leader in multiple industries She is Founder and Manager of Florida League of Young Immigrants where she developed an inaugural Local Ideas Festival at Miami Dade College inspired by the Aspen Ideas Festival, accompanied by a peer mentoring program, with the mission of establishing a link between newly arrived immigrants and local organizations of aid in order to provide inspiration and concrete connections as they transition into their new home.

Throughout her life, Debora has “spent large amounts of time with children and adults who suffer from illnesses and disorders that have destroyed their lives and the lives of those they love.”

These experiences have exposed her to the wonders of medicine and the obstacles that have been overcome, but they have also highlighted the barriers that the field has yet to conquer. She hopes that by pursuing a career in medicine, she can contribute to finding solutions for debilitating diseases and disorders.

To prepare, she has actively sought to engage in the field by enrolling in the most rigorous courses in biological science that are offered. She is former President of the National Honor Society and Board Director, Head Volunteer and Project Initiator for Aid for Families in Need Corps. Debora has also been recognized as the Bezos Scholar of 2016. She maintained an impressive 5.294 cumulative GPA, and was accepted to Harvard University under their early action program.

Debora is awaiting to make her final decision after she hears from Yale, Columbia, John Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania and others.  She will double major or do a joint-concentration in Neurobiology/Neuroscience/Cognitive science/Behavioral Science and Anthropology and enjoys writing on her free time. Debora is well on her way to becoming a Latina leader, and a lifetime of future achievements!

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