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National Youth Awards Spotlight: Julianna R.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) will host the 18th Annual National Youth Awards Ceremony on Thursday, January 26, 2017 in Miami, Florida!

HHF is honored to present the Innovation & Technology Recipient, Julianna Rodriguez. Julianna serves as a role model to others, and is a true example of hard work. This is Julianna’s story.

Julianna believes that “to be innovative and have the capability to create and invent is an expertise necessary for survival in our ever-changing world.” Her inspiration for innovation stems from Guatemala, a developing country, many of whose citizens face dire circumstances, such as a lack of access to clean water. She hopes to one day create a new water container that would meet the needs of people in places like Guatemala, where huge inequalities exist.

Her formal introduction to technology was thanks to a computer programming course she took in seventh grade. Since then, she has attended Microsoft’s High Tech Camp, is leading the Science Olympiad event, “Game On”, and works at Assistance League of Temecula Valley, a local thrift store where she reassembles objects using spare parts.

She is also a California Latino Youth Leadership Project Southern California Ambassador, a Global Leadership Elected Future Ambassador, and an AP Scholar with Distinction. She was Temecula’s Chamber of Commerce Student of the Month in October, and was awarded a California Congressional Recognition for Invaluable Service to the Community.

Julianna is also a four-year scholar athlete, and has played soccer, golf, and competitive drumline for her high school. Volunteering at Pennypickle’s Workshop, a hands-on children’s museum made for curiosity, she conducts interactive experiments and gives tours at weekly events. She maintains a 4.55 cumulative GPA and has applied to Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

Julianna is well on her way to a lifetime of future achievements!

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