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Private Juanes Concert at Hispanicize 2017!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Hispanicize hosted a private Juanes concert to preview his visual album, Mis Planes Son Amarte, to kick off Hispanicize Week and HHF was there to experience it firsthand!

Hispanicize 2017 hosted more than 3,000 Latino trendsetters and newsmakers for a five day multi-task industry program that featured fully dedicated content tracks for digital creators, journalists, those in marketing and PR, tech entrepreneurs, and other entertainment industry experts!

All of these trendsetters at Hispanicize had the chance to listen to Juanes perform a mix of all of his incredible music. Hispanicize featured performances from other Latino artists like Alex Sensation, Jencarlos Canela, and Micayla De Ette throughout the week, but it was heartwarming to hear Juanes perform live to a crowd of hundreds of people.

“Seeing Juanes perform to an intimate crowd was a remarkably impressionable experience, one that left me in awe and appreciative to be sharing the same space as Juanes and the other beautiful influencers that sang along,” said Cynthia Pleitez, Marketing and Communications Strategist at HHF.

Juanes, being an internationally recognized Latino musician and one of the most influential Latin music artists of the 21st century, definitely had the Miami crowd feeling vibrant, energized and alive!

A few of the songs that he performed included A Dios Le Pido, Fotografia, and he closed off his concert with none other than his legendary single, La Camisa Negra!

Juanes has won 20 Latin Grammy Awards, five of those at the 2008 Latin Grammy Awards and two Grammy Awards. He not only captures the hearts of many across the country, but is a humanitarian whose work helps the lives of many.

Hispanicize was a unique creative experience for the HHF Marketing and Communications team! To learn more about HHF’s Hispanize trip go here!

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