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Code as a Second Language (CSL) is a national initiative changes the landscape of technology by introducing youth to computer programming and making technical training and careers accessible to women and underrepresented minorities.

CSL includes three main components:

(1) Technical training – teaching computer science to students from K-12

(2) Summits – cultivating the eco-system of Latino technical talent across the country via our LOFT Coder Summits.

(3) Internships and Fellowships – working directly with companies to support their efforts in creating a diverse workforce

Our vision is to provide students access to year-round LOFT Innovation leadership and workforce development programs including STEM Symposia, Innovation Fellowships, Youth Awards, mentoring and other work-based learning opportunities. All students will join the LOFT Network and connect online and offline with tens of thousands of peers excelling on their own fast track careers.

The goal is to supply students with an introductory skillset of web-design and computer programming, while instilling an entrepreneurial spirit. CSL provides students with access to year-round leadership and workforce development opportunities. All students will be funneled to

For pictures of a CSL program, see here.

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