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2021 HHF Investors Forum Agenda

- June 3, 2021 – Virtual -

Thursday, June 3 Forum Sessions

8:00AM PDT – 8:10AM PDT

11:00AM EDT – 11:10AM EDT

Welcome Remarks by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Jose Antonio Tijerino, Trustee, University System of Maryland Foundation

8:10AM PDT – 9:00AM PDT

11:10AM EDT – 12:00PM EDT

Personal Experiences of Asset Allocator Trustees

Moderator: Luis Elizondo-Thomson, CEO, Private Family Office

Ophelia Basgal, Trustee, ACERA; SF Foundation
Henry Jones, Trustee, CalPERS
Cynthia Ruiz, Trustee, LACERS

9:00AM PDT – 9:50AM PDT

12:00PM EDT – 12:50PM EDT

Assessing the Public Markets

Moderator: Ophelia Basgal, Trustee, ACERA; SF Foundation

Julian Allen, Managing Partner, Spitfire Capital
Pablo Brezman, Associate Equity Analyst, Kabouter Management
Chris Delgado, Director of Equities and Technology, Olayan Group
June Kim, Director, Global Equity, CalSTRS
Saira Malik, CIO and Head of Equities, Nuveen

9:50AM PDT –  10:40AM PDT

12:50PM EDT – 1:40PM EDT

CIO Asset Allocation Roundtable

Moderator: Stacie Olivares, Trustee, CalPERS

Rodrigo Garcia, CIO, Illinois State Treasurer’s Office
Al Hemmingsen, CIO, Parkland Management
Rodney June, CIO, LACERS

10:40AM PDT – 11:40AM PDT

1:40PM EDT – 2:40PM EDT

Evolution of the Private Markets

Moderator: Anthony Arnold, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLC

Christine Kenna, Partner, IGNIA
Marjorie Lopez, Vice President, Rx3 Growth Partners
Sheryl Mejia, Managing Partner, Steward Asset Management
Nate Mejias, Investment Team, Clearlake Capital Group
Frank Mora, Partner, HCAP Partners
Lu Zhang, Founder & Managing Partner, Fusion Fund

11:40AM PDT – 12:30PM PDT

2:40PM EDT – 3:30PM EDT

Opportunities in Real Estate and Real Assets

Moderator: Corinne Tapia-Babcock, Commissioner, LAFPP

Sasha Bernier, Managing Director, Cheltenham Enterprises
Andre Bueno, Principal, Bueno Group
Martin Cabrera, CEO, Cabrera Capital
Mina Pacheco, MD and Co-Head, Funds & Co-Investments, Barings
Luis Sanchez, Vice President, Adelante Capital Management
Carly Tripp, CIO and Head of Real Estate Investments, Nuveen

12:30PM PDT – 1:40PM PDT

3:30PM EDT – 4:40PM EDT

Diverse and Emerging Manager Programs

Moderator: Carmen Palafox, Managing Partner, 2045 Ventures

Victoria D. Bills, Investment Analyst, Illinois State Treasurer’s Office
Amit Garg, Partner, TAU Ventures
Caroline Greer, Managing Director, Commonfund
Angela Matheny, Director of Investment Staff & Diverse Manager Equity, Crewcial Partners
Maria Salamanca, Partner, Unshackled Ventures
Michael Silva, Investment Officer, CalPERS
Kirk Sims, CFA, Director, Head of Emerging Manager Program, Texas TRS

1:40PM PDT – 2:40PM PDT

4:40PM EDT – 5:40PM EDT

Technology Investing Growth

Moderator: Cheryl Campos, Head of Growth & Partnerships, Republic

Alejandro Guerrero, General Partner, Act One Ventures
Rebeca Hwang, Managing Partner, Kalei Ventures
Jazmin Medina, Principal, NewView Capital
Rami Reyes, Co-Founder & Managing Director, NextEquity Partners
Angel Saad, Venture Partner, Oak Investment Partners
Adriana Saman, Senior Associate, Clocktower Technology Ventures

2:40PM PDT – 3:50PM PDT

5:40PM EDT – 6:50PM EDT

Including Impact, ESG, Sustainability

Moderator: Cynthia Ruiz, Trustee, LACERS

Tina Castro, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Avivar Capital
Lisa Feria, CEO, Stray Dog Capital
Megan Fielding, Senior Director of Responsible Investing, Nuveen
Marcos Gonzalez, Managing Partner, VamosVentures
Jeffrey Monge, Managing Partner, Monge Capital
Robert Sinclair, CIO, Private Family Office
Albert Vazquez, Operating Partner, Sway Ventures

3:50PM PDT – 4:20PM PDT

6:50PM EDT – 7:20PM EDT

Fireside Chat
Creating a Firm: What it Takes to Build a Firm and How We Can Support Others

Monika Mantilla, Managing Partner, Altura Capital Group
Stacie Olivares, Trustee, CalPERS
Samara Hernandez, Founding Partner, Chingona Ventures

4:20PM PDT – 4:30PM PDT

7:20PM EDT – 7:30PM EDT

Closing Remarks

See video above

Emanuel Pleitez, Chairman, Hispanic Heritage Foundation

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