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LOFT Labs is an international initiative of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation focused on providing support for Latino/a founded start-ups. LOFT Labs was established in 2014, with the primary goal of supporting talented Latino/a start-ups build, grow, and thrive.


Our vision is to provide Latino/a start-ups with access to the Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s assets that we have built over the last 30 years. This includes a network of over 100,000 Latino/a professionals in various industries and access to our year-round LOFT Innovation leadership and workforce development programs.

What is does it mean to be part of LOFT Labs?

When a company is admitted into LOFT Labs, we provide support in the following areas:

  • Incorporation
  • Identifying your product market fit
  • Refining your pitch deck
  • Investment and fundraising prep
  • Legal
  • Hiring technical talent
  • Customer acquisition
  • Communications and PR

LOFT Lab Companies

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