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Take a look at some opportunities and resources provided by our sponsors and partners below.

Master Your Financial Success with Master Your Card

Master Your Card is a financial education program sponsored by Mastercard. Their mission is to promote inclusion and equity through financial literacy, smart money management resources and access to electronic payments technology.  They work to bridge the knowledge gap and help communities build a brighter financial future. Through partnerships and their ability to deliver digital education resources, they help communities like our Latino family prosper. A varied range of materials such as interactive education modules, videos, and downloadable handouts are available on their “Resource Center” at and cover the following topics:


  • Creating a Budget and Savings Plan
  • Family Conversations About Money
  • Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Mobile and Online Banking
  • Building Emergency Savings
  • Credit History and Scores
  • Cost of Cash
  • Payment Cards (Prepaid, Debit and Credit)
  • Cyber Safety and Security

Hacking a Career Series

Join us and learn from industry leading experts on how to navigate today’s workforce and current trends. We will offer workshops on resume building, interviewing skills and conclude with a virtual job board.

• Personal Branding (May 12, 2021 @ 4:00 pm EST)
• Resume & Interview Prep (May 13, 2021 @ 4:00 pm EST)
• Virtual Job Board (May 14, 2021 @ 4:00 pm EST)

If you would like to be considered in any of the roles being presented, please complete this short survey:

Opportunities with Freddie Mac

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation is excited to partner with Freddie Mac, a Fortune 500 company, to share exclusive career opportunities to our network for the following Financial/Business roles:

  • Credit Risk Transfer Associate
  • Loan Servicing Associate
  • Credit Risk Management Associate
  • Underwriting Professional
  • Financial Controller Professional
  • Senior Valuation Analyst
  • Senior Business Unit Controller

Small Business Grants for Latinx Business Owners

TikTok, HHF and partners have partnered to create a $150,000 Grant Fund aimed at expanding and elevating 30 Small Latinx Businesses across the US. celebrating the perseverance, hard work and commitment of Latinx Business Owners as champions of entrepreneurship during the COVID crisis, the fund will grant cash awards of $5,000 each to selected Latinx business owners from across the country who exemplify those business principles championed through TikTok.

HHF Podcast Series

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation will be hosting a brand new podcast series coming soon! Check back for more info.

LOFT Charlas

The LOFT Charlas are local, self-organized discussions led by community leaders across the country. A LOFT Charla is an opportunity to share what you want, however you want.  The Charlas were created to inspire and connect leaders from different backgrounds in a supportive family like environment.

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