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PBS Kids “SciGirls” Series Stars Young Girls in STEM!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation


The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) supports SciGirls, a PBS Kids series starring young girls in STEM! SciGirls season four launched this February on PBS Kids. This Emmy Award winning show inspires youth to explore the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields while also celebrating their Hispanic Heritage!

SciGirls mentor, Alma Stephanie, Metallurgical & Materials Engineer at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

“SciGirls has spent over a decade addressing a challenging reality: girls face greater obstacles to STEM success than their male peers,”said SciGirls episode director, Maria Agui Carter.

In addition, SciGirls features six new half-hour episodes, where SciGirls and their mentors, female STEM professionals set out on unique STEM adventures in different cities including New York, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, California and Puerto Rico. SciGirls and mentors featured in the series are of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Guatelmalan, Salvadoran heritage and more! Therefore, SciGirls continues to challenge and change how millions of girls think about STEM. SciGirls is also an outreach program that draws on cutting edge research about what engages girls in STEM learning and careers.

Furthermore, mentors on SciGirls this season included Andrea Chavez, Dr. Violeta García, Alma Stephanie, Dr. Rebeccah, Orietta Verdugo,  Dr. Amelia Merced, Dr. Omayra Ortega, Dr. Isabel Rivera Collazo, Dr. Becca Cuellar and Laura Valencia. Watch videos here! 

In conclusion, SciGirls viewers have the opportunity to identify different types of technology. Including how technology can be used in creative ways, problem solving strategies when encountering technology challenges. In addition,  learning about the engineering design process, the importance of collaborating with others on creative projects and more. Additional education resources, activities and information about SciGirls can be found here!Check out the brand new season of SciGirls online! 

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