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The 35th Hispanic Heritage Awards can now be watched via streaming at & the PBS Video App

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Watch The Entire Show, Or All Individual Segments To Discover Inspirational Moments From the 2022 Class of Honorees (Oscar Winner ARIANA DEBOSE, Reggaeton Legend DADDY YANKEE, Marvel Studios’ VICTORIA ALONSO,  Grammy Winners LOS LOBOS, Aviation Pioneer OLGA CUSTODIO & Entrepreneurs ALEJANDRO VELEZ & NIKHIL ARORA

And Standout Music Performances From  CARLOS VIVES, HECTOR TELLEZ JR.(with Peter Buck of R.E.M), JULIETA VENEGAS, AYMÉE NUVIOLA, and BOZA

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“I really feel like my Hispanic brothers and sisters gave me a seat at the table and it’s not moving. I am Hispanic. I am Puertorriqueña. Yeah. Like I am half Puerto Rican. And yes, I’m half white. And I look like this and I’m queer and that’s fabulous. You know. And no matter how I came to be on this planet, my answer doesn’t change. No matter how much I know about my background, or what I don’t know, what I know is that this body es Puertorriqueña. And I hold on to that so fiercely.”Oscar Winner Ariana DeBose Receives 2022 Hispanic Heritage Inspira Award

“Para mí este premio significa muchísimo, un gran logro. Creo que va más allá de la música, en la cultura, y eso es lo que yo he tratado de hacer. Desde el día uno. Impactar la cultura de una forma positiva, una manera de traer esperanza. …and the main thing, to put the Barrio on top of the world. And we did that.”  Daddy Yankee Receives The 2022 Hispanic Heritage Legend Award

“Visibility is a key component to feeling that you belong. And if a kid feels like they belong, half the battle is done. And giving that to a child, and I’m not saying just to the ten-year-old, but also to the twenty-year-old and the 30-year-old and the 40-year-old child that goes into a meeting and feels awkward and feels like they’re ‘other.’ They’re not the same as everybody in that room. All those moments amount to I belong.”Marvel Studios’ Victoria Alonso Receives 2022 Hispanic Heritage Vision Award


“CESAR ROSAS: …And family, it always goes back to the family. You know.

LOUIE PEREZ: Family was always real important. East L.A. was always important. It is always what created us. So we never lost sight of that…and still it’s infused in everything that we do.

STEVE BERLIN: We’ve honored the tradition, but tried to create our own version of it.

CESAR ROSAS: We’re proud of that, hey, these couple of guys from East L.A., you know, did something, receive Grammys. We played for presidents. You know, we played at the White House.

LOUIE PEREZ: Would I do anything different? …might change a couple little things, maybe the hours. chuckles]..But aside from that, there’s not too much we would change. It has been a pretty good trip Los Lobos Receive the 2022 Hispanic Heritage Arts Award


“To me, paying it forward is so important, and I need young Latinas to see that they too can do whatever they want. And I’m saying it was easy it was very hard, very challenging. But you make it work. The experience was unbelievable. Hard at times, but so worth the journey, so worth it.” Aviation Pioneer Lt. Col. Olga E. Custodio Receives 2022 STEM Award


““We know that if we can get every single kid in this country to garden, to grow something, to get their hands in the dirt, that’s going to let, set off light bulbs and sparks a curiosity about where else does that come from, where does that come from? And that’s the curiosity we need to rethink our entire ecosystem, entire business models, and that’s going to solve the climate crisis. And so, we hope that our brand can be that spark of curiosity, that spark of wonder for a new generation to just feel connected again to the world around them.” Nikhil Arora & Alejandro Velez of “Back To The Roots” Receive Entrepreneurship Award


The Hispanic Heritage Awards serve as a launch of HHF’s year-round mission focused on education, workforce, social impact and culture through the lens of leadership.  HHF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more information, visit and follow the Hispanic Heritage Foundation on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and TikTok.

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