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Body, Mind & Spirit Seminars in NOLA & OAK!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) hosted two Body, Mind and Spirit Seminars presented by the U.S. Marines this week in New Orleans and Oakland!

The Seminar in New Orleans took place at Tulane University, and at Mills College in Oakland! Local high schools attended the seminars to learn more about the importance of one’s well-being, and how achieving a balance of body, mind and spirit is key to current and future success.

“I think it is great to see so much Latino potential in the room, they are going to be the future leaders. We have to keep having events like this where they bring in professionals and other people who have already traveled their journey, because I think for Latinos and Latinas they need to feel that the people that are talking to them can speak to their current situation,” said Rosie Zepeda, Oakland panelist.

In New Orleans Major Jimenez gave opening remarks and Staff Sergeant Ortiz led the leadership workshop. Panelists that spoke in New Orleans included Juan Pablo Sanchez, third-year Public Health undergraduate student at the University of South Florida, Rita Bautista, Director of Government Relations for the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, and from the U.S. Marines, Master Sergeant Montes and Midshipman Escajeda.

In Oakland Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Valdez gave opening remarks, and Captain Ron Castro led the leadership workshop. Panelists in Oakland included Daniel Cano, Health Policy Fellow at the Greenlining Institute, former Youth Awardee, Xavier Del Rosario, head of Biz Ops at Silicon Valley Startup Good Security, Rosie “The Closer” Zepeda, international speaker and CEO of Compelling Conversations, and from the U.S. Marines, Captain Castro and Master Gunnery Sergeant Luis Aguilar.

The students were inspired by the panelists and their personal stories, and were excited to hear how they became success stories. “I really wanted to encourage the young people in the room that once they make it, they have to pull up other Latinos, it is so important. The number one way to fight adversity is success,” said Rosie.

To learn more about Body, Mind and Spirit Seminars go here! HHF is hosting the last Seminar in Detroit on May 2nd at Wayne State University!


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