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Welcome to the Fritanga Podcast!

The Fritanga podcast – hosted by HHF – is a cultural convening for Latinos to find comfort, connection, information, identity, and inspiration by exploring what makes us so complicatedly compelling and how we can move forward with greater unity for greater impact.

Fritanga will bring members of the community from different backgrounds, sharing perspectives, challenges and triumphs, vision, and of course, their stories.  Our stories.

What’s a Fritanga?

New Episode!

This week on the Fritanga podcast, we delve into the inspirational journey of Dr. Ellen Ochoa, the first Latina astronaut in space. From her groundbreaking achievements to her advocacy for STEM education and diversity, Dr. Ochoa’s story is one of grit, passion, and breaking barriers. Tune in to discover how she shattered stereotypes, logged nearly 1,000 hours in orbit, and continues to inspire the next generation to explore their potential in the sciences – including her recent work with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Minecraft Education on Latinexplorers 2.

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