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HHF Brand Guidelines

The Hispanic Heritage logos are important expressions of our brand identity. They have each been carefully designed and constructed to achieve visual harmony, should never be altered, modified, or redrawn. Because these elements are recognizable and highly visible brand assets, it is vital that they are always applied consistently.

Our brand concept is based on the four fundamental pillars of the company: Social Impact, Education, Culture, and Workforce. These define the essence of the foundation marking a solid point of origin for the creation of bridges to the future through Leadership and hard work.

These few simple rules will help you use our logos to communicate the HHF brand most effectively.


lsotype: The symbolic or iconic part of the graphic representation of a brand. In other words, the ‘drawing’. It refers to when we represent the brand through a symbol icon.

Logo: The conjunction, the union, and the perfect balance. The logo is the fusion of typography plus lsotype. It is the graphic representation of a brand through the written name of the brand next to an icon.

Respect Area

It is the space ln which the logo breathes, this area must be empty and must not be occupied by any object that could interrupt the correct reading of the logo.

Correct Uses

Incorrect Uses

Color Palette

HEX: #065472
CMYK: C95.39 M62.55 Y36.59 K17.81

HEX: #278E7F
CMYK: C80.78 M23.92 Y56.23 K04.75

HEX: #F19F3C
CMYK: C03.15 M42.88 Y87.12 K00.00

HEX: #90C342
CMYK: C49.1 M2.04 Y97.6 K00.00

HEX: #F14445
CMYK: C00.00 M88.73 Y74.25 K00.00

HEX: #831842
CMYK: C35.22 M99.59 YSS.33 K29.03

CMYK: C00.00 M00.00 Y00.00 K00.00

HEX: #1c1c1c
CMYK: C72.42 M66.4 Y65.09 K76.87


Using a single font with its different weights allows for uniformity, legibility, and clarity when developing different graphic pieces. You should always seek to use the largest weights in titles and main ideas and the smallest for paragraphs and longer ideas.


They are created from the exploration of the forms that inspired the main graphic, these forms can be used ln any combination of both color and layout and should be used either for full backgrounds that complement the main idea of the graphic piece or for giving corporate identity, being used in a maximum of 20% of the piece.

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