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Established by the White House in 1988, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation is an award-winning nonprofit organization that focuses on education, workforce, social impact, and culture through the lens of leadership.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit which inspires, prepares, and connects Latinos in six areas of focus: education, workforce, social impact, justice, and culture, through leadership.

HHF’s mission and programs have been recognized by The White House, US Congress, Fortune 500 Companies, US Army, other nonprofits, and even the government of Mexico.

With the support of generous donors and creative partnerships, HHF has reached millions of Latinos  across the country and into Latin America through agile, creative, impactful, high-profile, and  innovative programs since 1988.

HHF’s award-winning LOFT (Latinos On Fast Track) program is divided into 10 sectors or “tracks,” including Community Service, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship & Business, Sustainability, Healthcare & Science, Media & Entertainment, Public Service & Social Justice, Sports & Fitness, and Technology. A collective of 300,000 students and young professionals are connected to each other with access to mentors, resources, networking, workshops, symposia, summits, internships, and full-time positions with Fortune 500 Companies.

HHF is headquartered in Washington, DC. Follow HHF on Facebook , InstagramXand TikTok

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