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CSL Bootcamp at Sevilla West Elementary | Arizona

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation hosted a Code as a Second Language (CSL) Bootcamp sponsored by GM at Sevilla West Elementary School in Arizona!

CSL is a national initiative that introduces youth to computer programming and makes technical training careers accessible to students everywhere. The model fosters a network of Latino software engineers and Latino leaders. Within the CSL program, there are CSL Academies and Bootcamps that take place in different cities across the country.

Students who attend our CSL Bootcamps develop an understanding of fundamental core programming concepts and syntax. A participant of this Bootcamp said, “This coding class can enhance my future by helping me get a head start in being one of the best female engineers out there.

“I think this computer coding program is a great opportunity because it shows us what we can do with technology. I remember when I went to the coding Bootcamp last year I learned how to code a maze, the people from GM and CSL had a conversation about how tech jobs are now more important than ever. I was inspired by their stories and since then I have learned a lot about coding,” said another student.

In 2017 alone, CSL has launched Bootcamps and Academies in Oakland, San Jose, Portland, Osceola, Austin, among others! CSL Bootcamps are an opportunity where students learn a condensed introduction to computer science through a block based learning curriculum. At these technical training Bootcamps, students gain insight on what is necessary to build games and other gaming applications.

HHF is committed to providing students with resources to technology, and our vision is possible by allowing students to stay connected with year-round access to the LOFT Innovation leadership and workforce development programs including STEM Symposia, Innovation Fellowships, Youth Awards, mentoring and other work-based learning opportunities.

To learn how you can get involved with our CSL program as a student, partner or sponsor go here.


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