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HHF’s CEO Keynote Speaker at B-CC Diversity Night!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s (HHF) President and CEO, Antonio Tijerino spoke as the keynote speaker at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (B-CC) Diversity Night in Maryland!

The theme of the night was “Stay Woke” and was an inspirational celebration of B-CC Diversity, Unity and Pride thr
ough the Arts. Antonio spoke about the empowerment of the youth, and how important it is to stay vigilant of all issues occurring in these times.

Some of the performances of the night included “Listen” by Beyonce performed by Alexa Givens of The Westland Scholars, “Same Love,” by Macklemore performed by Anaya Bernardo, Samara Fair, Pascal Lee and Yannick Dhe, spoken word “Paradox of Liberty,” by Mckenzie Grant-Gordon performed by Mckenzie Grant-Gordon and Jason Hernandez.

Others included “Our Story,” written and performed by Lydia Adebe, Mitchell Costello, Olivia Juliano, Asia Perez and Gabby Valderrama, “I Know Where I’ve Been,” by Queen Latifah performed by Micah Loebig, and a dance performance by Dance Expression! Closing remarks were presented by B-CC Principal, Dr. Donna Redmond-Jones.

B-CC High School is home to our 2016 National Youth Awardee, Maria Salmeron who received the Education National Youth Award. Maria is a distinguished vanguard leader in the ethnic diversity spaces and closing the achievement gap that exists between African American and Latino students and their counterparts. Maria’s mother, Supaya Melendez, was also the recipient of the 2016 Parent Award, presented by Learning Heroes.

Antonio has led the 29-year-old nonprofit for 16 years and has developed an ecosystem of over 100,000 vetted students and young professionals (ages 15-35) ready to lead America forward in various fields. Speaking at events is just one way Antonio informs students and other professionals on education, workforce, leadership and public awareness!

HHF stays connected with all Youth Awardees, CSL Fellows and others within the Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) program, that is the beautiful connection that exists within the HHF familia!

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