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HHF and Google Ignite Fellowship Ceremony

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Google and HHF partnered for our Youth Digital Marketing Initiative in San Jose and our closing ceremony brought the collaboration of students in marketing and small businesses!

Those in attendance included Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing at Google, Diana Garcia, Multicultural Partner Marketing Manager, Julie Diaz Asper, Social and Mobile Marketing Outreach Expert, Ivan Martinez, Co-owner and Lead Producer of Escena Media, Yolanda Zepeda, Owner of MAZ Satillo Pavers & Terracottas and Gabriel Lomeli, Co-Founder/ Business Development at Conclave Agency.

This fellowship increased Latino youth’s interest, knowledge and experience in digital marketing while supporting Hispanic businesses in the San Jose region. More than 50 attendees and 20 Hispanic small business and were onboarded by Google volunteers using the Primer app, which is designed to teach marketing skills in a fast, easy way in bite sized lessons.

“We are already seeing new business from the site. One customer told me they choose us because of our new site. We are so grateful to our Ignite fellows,” said Yolanda.

Throughout the summer the students were matched with small business mentors and HHF, which facilitated relationships based on a defined set of marketing deliverables.

“We are so grateful. Just hearing their perspective on things has really opened our minds to think about new ways to use digital marketing. I would definitely do the program all over again,” said Ivan Martinez.

“More than ever, it’s critical to invest in developing an eco-system of talent for our business community and the tech industry to tap,” said Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO. “I applaud Eliana Murillo, Google and her colleagues for developing the Fellowship, which will provide Latino students with the tools to help small businesses update their marketing plans using social media to expand client bases and build relationships with customers.”

HHF promotes cultural pride, accomplishment and the great promise of the community through public awareness campaigns seen by leaders across the country!


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