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HHF’s Board Member Eric Rovner | Senior VP of Television MGM Studios

José Antonio Tijerino

José Antonio Tijerino

President and CEO

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) is proud to announce that our long-time supporter and board member Eric Rovner has been recently appointed Senior Vice President of Television MGM Studios working with famed TV visionary Mark Burnett. MGM is responsible for several high-profile and Emmy award winning television series, including Survivor, The Voice, Shark Tank, Beat Shazam and Handsmaid Tail. 

In his previous role, Eric served as a television and talent packaging agent on behalf of William Morris Endeavor. Eric has led HHF’s Media & Entertainment track as a board member for over seven years and has served as a mentor to dozens of young Latinos/Latinas interested in that career path as well as supported HHF’s Youth Awards, Hispanic Heritage Awards and NFL relationship. Cuban-American Eric lives in LA with his wife and two young children after meeting HHF when he was in Miami at WME.

Congratulations Eric! Thank you for all of your energy at HHF!

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