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HHF’s President & CEO to Speak @ Super Power Summit 2018

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

HHF’s President & CEO, Antonio Tijerino will be a featured speaker on the Super Power Summit 2018! 

Super Power Summit 2018 is gathering leaders in different fields across the globe to share their superpowers online. The Summit will provide their wisdom in interviews where they will share their personal stories, knowledge and exercises to help you develop mindfulness. 

The Summit will be live one day a week, for over 10 weeks with the goal of reaching 100 million people online! The Summit strongly believes that every person has the ability and the resources to begin living extraordinary lives. They want to be a source of giving you a key to unlock the door to more possibilities, “we need to be the change we want to see in the world.” 

The Summit is proving that they are very much walkers of the walk by doing good work, 100% of all the donations from the Summit will support mental health and youth suicide prevention. They also want to hear about your superpowers! If you would like to get involved, make a short video on your webcam or smartphone and talk about how you use your powers to live your life differently, send your videos to

Stay tuned to hear from our President & CEO, Antonio Tijerino soon on Super Power Summit 2018! 

HHF is committed to providing a skilled and diverse pool of talent to meet the demands of today’s growing companies. Our Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) network includes a unique ecosystem of talent has the potential to provide companies with highly qualified students and professionals that are trained to meet their  requirements. Learn more how HHF supports the youth through our Youth Awards, Code as a Second Language (CSL), LOFT STEM Symposia and more here. 

HHF inspires, prepares and connects Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities in a range of fields. To learn more about HHF’s programmatic work across the country go here

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