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HHF & ExxonMobile Launch Engineering Fellowship

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Hispanic Heritage Foundation


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and ExxonMobil have, for the last five years, partnered to place over 150 LOFT Engineering Fellows through the Latinos On Fast Track (LOFT) leadership and workforce program. Through the partnership, ExxonMobil continued to mentor, guide and provide a clear vision for a career in engineering and science through the participation of engineers and scientists involved with their Hispanic affinity group GOAL (Global Organization for the Advancement of Latinos). The Fellowship/Mentorship has led to internships and full-time positions for the students.  In the past, ExxonMobil has hired more than 50 percent of the Fellows for full-time positions.

“ExxonMobil is demonstrating why they are leaders in STEM education and workforce development,” said Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of HHF.  “We are proud to partner with ExxonMobil and address our country’s needs in such a precise, measurable and sustainable manner.  Through our research we have found Latino youth are in greatest need of guidance in terms of education and career and through the LOFT STEM Fellowship program, our students are provided with a clear vision for careers in engineering and other STEM fields from experts who are also Latino and professionals. For the past four years we have carefully tracked the success of the program in terms of impact on students and hires for ExxonMobil.  It is working.”

The LOFT STEM Fellows were selected from hundreds of applicants who were sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students with a 3.50 GPA  who were attending a 4-year college or university with declared primary majors in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering.  The selected students were matched with one of ExxonMobil engineers/scientists to learn how their knowledge could be applied to various segments of the STEM fields in a corporate setting. The mentees also received invaluable inspiration, guidance and ongoing support from the mentors.

The robust and rigorous Fellowship also featured:

  • Multiple, consistent meetings between mentor and mentee (virtual or in person)
  • Participation in the Harvard-certified ExxonMobil mentee program (on-line), an exclusive curriculum which would introduce Fellows to the culture and vast career opportunities within the company
  • An educational grant
  • A gateway to ExxonMobil internships and full-time positions upon completion of program

As a starting point, a vetted pool of candidates was fed to the LOFT Engineering Fellows effort by the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards program which ExxonMobil sponsored through the Engineering category (other categories included math, technology, science, education, and finance).   HHF also hosted numerous LOFT-engineering-and-STEM-focused events.  Lastly, HHF team recruited talented Latinos through LOFT’s tens of thousands of Latinos aged 18-30 in their network and on college campuses.  

LOFT (Latinos On Fast Track)

LOFT is an award-winning, leadership and workforce development program focused on “priority fields” including science, technology, engineering, math, education, entrepreneurship, finance, public policy, law, and others. Tens of thousands of students and young professionals (aged 16-35 years old) are connected to each other and provided with over 30 trainings, priority-field-tailored symposia, workshops, and Charlas.  Hundreds are also placed into internships, mentorships, fellowships and full-time positions with Fortune 100 companies and government agencies.

HHF Background

Established by the White House in 1987, HHF’s mission is to identify, inspire, prepare, and position Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities. HHF is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and believes that through innovation across all fields that Latinos are the leaders of today, not tomorrow.  HHF also promotes Latino cultural pride, accomplishment, and the great promise of the community through public awareness campaigns seen by millions.  Please visit for more background.



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