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HHF Welcomes Ivy League Project to D.C.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Our Washington, D.C. team welcomed a group of hardworking incoming seniors and school staff from Arvin High School in California, to Washington, DC. Students were selected to participate in a weeklong trip to the East Coast to tour some of the most selective universities in the nation as part of the Ivy League Project.

They shared their projected college plans once they graduate from high school and received invaluable advice for their educational pursuits.

“Be brave, be bold and be assertive”Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO, Hispanic Heritage Foundation

These bright students with ambitions soaring far and wide were given the opportunity to share some of the hardship they currently face within their school and the larger district. Students shared their concerns with Antonio and then discussed solutions to alleviate issues ranging from the current lack of after school programs for students to the implementation of increased technology, such as computer pilot programs, within the classroom.

Though their individual dreams and aspirations differed, their unified drive to further their education and pursue their passions was remarkable. Keep up the great work! The Hispanic Heritage Foundation wishes you all the best as you finish off high school and venture out into the world as college students.

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