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The White House to host LOFT Leadership Institute fellows from across country and kick off ‘Open Space’ summit on September 26

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

HHF AND Trinity University Push Young Leaders to Lead on Their Own Terms  

WASHINGTON, DC. – The White House will kick off the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Trinity University in San Antonio’s LOFT (Latinos On Fast Track) Leadership Institute (LLI) Summit on September 26, followed by a day-long “Open Space” session for LOFT Fellows from across the country to “lead on their own terms.”

The Fellows, aged 18-22, have completed 120 hours of intense, interactive curriculum focused on leadership, community-building, professional networking, social impact, culture, and deep dive into their sectors.  Cohorts from the following sectors will come together for the first time in person after being connected virtually for months across various fields including, Sustainability, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Business, Healthcare & Science, Media & Entertainment, Public Service, Social Justice, and Technology.

“It is critical for these young leaders from all over our nation to be connected to each other through their journeys in education, the workforce, and in the community in building social and professional capital,” said Juan Sepulveda, J.D., the Ron Calgaard Distinguished Professor of Practice in Political Science at Trinity University, HHF Board member, and Co-Founder of the LLI.

“It’s critical that we facilitate these young leaders to lead on their terms,” added Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of HHF and Co-Founder of LLI.  “We are grateful to The White House for welcoming these young leaders and providing them with a macro vision of impact and inspiration to go back to their schools and communities with an unforgettable experience and call to action.”

Open Space is a process designed to put the power in the hands of the Fellows, not the organizers, to leverage their priorities, vision, experiences, and talents with no hierarchies.  The Fellows will be responsible for Identifying specific topics, issues and questions they want to explore and/or share with their colleagues. Creating the agenda and placing it on a virtual grid for everyone to see. They will also self-select, present their ideas and lead open conversations on their idea or topic in smaller group sessions.  The resulting priorities, ideas, issues and solutions will be captured by the organizers as guidelines to support the vision of the young leaders through an ongoing LOFT effort.

The LLI is a critical continuum to HHF’s 24-year-old Youth Awards program after more than 30,000 applicants from all 50 states and Puerto Rico were narrowed down to 300 recipients – 10 in each of 10 sectors or “tracks.” As LOFT Institute Fellows, the students will be tracked and connected to each other throughout college and into their careers with access to additional programs and trainings, resources, activities, mentors/mentees, and sector-specific career pathways including internships and full-time positions.

About HHF

Hispanic Heritage Foundation focuses on education, workforce, social impact, identity and culture through the lens of leadership. HHF’s network of vetted, Latinx leaders across priority sectors is more than 300,000, 15-40-year-olds which provides the org with a basis for adaptable, innovative programming, mobilization and impact.  (Visit

About Trinity University

For generations spanning 150 years, Trinity University has transformed obstacles into boundless opportunities. Our resilience, enterprise, and creative vision have driven us in unwavering pursuit of new challenges, and new chances to build on this legacy. Carried by this momentum, we redefine the liberal arts by cultivating a community of lifelong learners. Trinity’s 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students come from 48 states and 57 countries. Students choose from 49 majors, 61 minors, and five master’s degrees. With our combined talents, strengths, ambitions, and passions, we are doing more than waiting for a brighter tomorrow: We’re making a better one today. Discover more about Trinity University.


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