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HHF CEO Speaks Tech on Homework Gap Panel!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Antonio Tijerino, President & CEO, Hispanic Heritage Foundation participated in the Moving The Conversation Forward Panel, A Series of Bright Minds to Move the Needle on Minority Inclusion in Tech Policy Bridging the Education Gap with Technology hosted by:Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership, LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute.

Moving the Conversation Forward brings together the brightest minds supporting minority communities in a continued effort to discuss, educate and highlight issues and challenges facing minority communities around technology and telecommunications in the United States.

Antonio Tijerino addressed solving the homework gap through technology and leadership.

“We did a national study, the sample size was 10,000. What we found was that Latinos, followed by African Americans, were the least likely to have access to technology and the most likely to say that they couldn’t finish their homework due to lack of access. They were most likely to say their grades suffered because of lack of access,” acknowledged Antonio.

The advancement of positive change for minority communities through collaborative discussions, highlighting potential solutions is a key goal of Moving the Conversation forward.

Addressing the lack of access to technology was important to Antonio as it spearheads the work of The Foundation and it’s affects on families. “The teachers that we surveyed said that Latino parents were the most difficult to reach and the  number one reason wasn’t language, it was access to technology.”

Antonio Tijerino addressed solving the homework gap through technology and leadership.

Other speakers included,  Kim Keenan, President & CEO, Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council Joe Kapp, CEO, Behavioral Business and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Eastern Community College with Maria Cardona, Principle at the Dewey Square Group and CNN Commentator as moderator.

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