LOFT Charla Photo 3

LOFT Charla | John Hopkins University

Isla Martinez

Marketing and PR Coordinator

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) will host a Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) Charla at John Hopkins University tomorrow, October 27th in Baltimore, Maryland from 5-7 pm! The LOFT Charlas are local, self-organized discussions led by community leaders across the country.

At our LOFT Charlas there are back to back presentations on topics and guests have the opportunity to hear from Latino leaders in their respective fields speak on topics that are important to them. The Charlas were created to inspire and connect leaders from different backgrounds in a supportive family-like environment.

One previous LOFT Charla attendee said, “This was a great opportunity for me to network with other people, and not just network, but listen to what they’re doing and how they’re progressing in the Latino community. I would attend other LOFT Charla events because I feel like this is what’s going to propel change in the Latino community, and it’s a great way to facilitate conversations between other passionate professionals.”

Our LOFT Charlas take place in different cities across the country, and each city brings its own unique energy. Speakers have a chance to tell their stories, and attendees can listen and engage in the conversations. The Latino community continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in the U.S., and the Charlas are a great opportunity to hear about this growth all around the country.

Check if any of your Facebook friends are attending here & join us in having these important conversations at our LOFT Charla!