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HHF & Consulate General of Mexcico Welcome Scholars

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Students presented with networking, career path, resources and community service ops

 SAN DIEGO, CA – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), IME (Institute of Mexicans Abroad) and Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego welcomed hundreds of IME Scholars to the Latinos On Fast Track (LOFT) network on April 16 at the University of California San Diego during the Second IME Becas Encounter: Higher Education Modality.  Through the LOFT network, the students will have access to networking opportunities, special events, career-paths including internships, resources, mentors and volunteerism.

“We are thrilled to welcome these talented Mexican students to our network and believe they come with a great value proposition to our community and country in the United States,” said Jose Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. “Through our network, the students will be connected to American Latinos as well as to opportunities they can benefit from through college and into their careers.   Thank you to the collective leadership of Dra. Eunice Rendon Director of IME, the Embassy of Mexico and all our friends at the Mexican Consulates who we partner with to put our youth in the best position for success and impact.”

As an example of the partnership between HHF and the Mexican Consulates, last summer they partnered to introduce and teach computer coding to youth at the San Jose Consulate through HHF’s Code as a Second Language (CSL) initiative as well as promoting young Latino role models across the country through HHF’s Youth Awards program.

HHF’s award-winning LOFT leadership and workforce development program focuses on priority fields including STEM, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, education, public service and entertainment.  Tens of thousands of students and young professionals (ages 15-35) are connected to each other, mentors and resources; attend over 75 trainings, workshops, and informal Charlas hosted; and hundreds are placed into internships, mentorships, fellowships and full-time positions with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. In addition, creative initiatives are developed and executed. LOFT has been recognized by The White House, Congress, Fortune 500 companies, and other nonprofits.  Southwest Airlines is the Official Airline of the LOFT program.

 About IME Becas

 The IME Becas is the scholarship program of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior – IME). It was established in 2005 to expand academic and professional opportunities of Mexicans in the United States. IME Becas has granted financial support to more than 68,000 students, partnering with more than 560 institutions.

About HHF

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation, which was originally established by the White House in 1987, inspires, prepares, positions and connects Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities. HHF also promotes cultural pride, accomplishment, and the great promise of the community through public awareness campaigns seen by millions.  HHF is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has offices in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Silicon Valley (Visit

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