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Silicon Valley Leadership Summit at Stanford

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

CA State Assembly Member Luis A. Alejo of the 30th District Also Being Recognized

PALO ALTO, CA – Es Tiempo, LLC and Hispanic-Net hosted the 5th Annual Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit (SVLLS) at the Stanford Faculty Club at Stanford University and presented Hispanic Heritage Foundation President & CEO Jose Antonio Tijerino with the Vision Award for his contributions to the Latino community and innovative approach to youth leadership.  The Honorable, Luis A. Alejo, California State Assembly Member, 30th District, was awarded the Latino Pioneer Leadership Award for his commitment in empowering the residents in California, especially those who are disadvantaged and underrepresented.


“I’m deeply honored to receive the Vision Award from a leader like Frank Carbajal in a region full of American dreams – Silicon Valley,” said Tijerino.  “I’m accepting this award on behalf of the tens of thousands of young leaders in our network who provide me inspiration, ideas and a spirit which embodies what this great country is all about – innovation. Ahora Si! I’m also humbled to share the stage with Luis Alejo who has made an indelible impact on California.”


Tijerino has served as president and CEO of HHF for over 12 years during which the national, nonprofit organization has expanded its mission to inspire, prepare, connect and position Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities.  Tijerino has developed an innovative, sustainable programmatic model for Latino leadership in 10 areas of focus or Tracks including Science & Healthcare, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Education, Public Service, Media & Entertainment and Latinas and leads a network of tens of thousands of vetted students and young professionals who he believes are “leaders of today and tomorrow.”  HHF’s approach and youth programs have been recognized by the White House, Congress, and Fortune 500 Companies.  He also executive produces the star-studded Hispanic Heritage Awards at the Kennedy Center and the television broadcast.  He serves on numerous boards and committees including the Latino Leadership Initiative at Harvard, National Parent Teacher Association, National Building Museum, Jefferson Awards, the Robert H. School of Business at University of Maryland, and Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership among others.


“Antonio continues to inspire tens of thousands of youth through his great team at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation,” said Frank Carbajal, founder of SVLLS and Es Tiempo, LLC. “Antonio leads this organization with his genuine leadership, by creating a platform that builds Latino Leaders to become the voice and leaders of today.”


The Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit (SVLLS) is an annual event aimed at inspiring, educating, and fostering connections through an interactive experience with participants and speakers. SVLLS brings together hundreds of diverse business, community and government leaders, entrepreneurs, social media innovators, college students and even high school students participating in the California Ivy League Project and the Young Latina Project.


About HHF and LOFT

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation is a nonprofit originally established by the White House in 1987 which inspires, prepares, positions and connects minority leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities.  HHF also promotes cultural pride, accomplishment, and the great promise of the community through public awareness campaigns seen by millions.  HHF is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has offices in Los Angeles, Miami and the LOFT Institute is housed at Michigan State University (Visit  Follow Hispanic Heritage Foundation on Facebook and HHFoundation on Twitter.


HHF’s award-winning LOFT (Latinos On Fast Track) leadership and workforce development program is divided into 10 “Tracks,” or industries, which are priorities for America including Innovation & Technology, Science & Healthcare, Engineering, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Education, Public Service, Law, Media & Entertainment, and Latinas.  Tens of thousands of students and young professionals are connected to each other and to mentors and resources; over 50 trainings, workshops, and informal Charlas are hosted across the country; creative initiatives are executed; and hundreds of minorities are placed into internships, mentorships, fellowships and full-time positions with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.  Visit, and join to get on the fast track to leadership.  Follow LOFTinstitute on Twitter.

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